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ABB Low Voltage AC Drives

ABB Authorized Value Provider - Drives - VFDABB low voltage VFD AC industrial drives are designed for industrial applications, and especially for applications in process industries such as the pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, and oil & gas industries.

ABB industrial variable frequency drives are highly flexible AC drives that can be configured to meet the precise needs of industrial applications, and therefore order based configuration is an integral part of the offering. These low voltage AC drives cover a wide range of powers and voltages, including industrial voltages up to 690 V. ABB industrial variable frequency drives come with a wide range of built in options. A key feature of these VFD drives is programmability, which makes adaptation to different applications easy.

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ABB Low Voltage AC VFD Drives



ABB ACS55 Drive

ABB ACS150 Drive

ABB ACS310 Drive

ABB ACS350 Drive

ABB ACS355 Drive

ABB ACS550 Drive

ABB ACS800 Drive

ABB ACS880 Drive