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Boyd Bellows Outside Sales 801-486-8333 boyd@intermtnfuse.com
Brenda Davis Payroll and HR 801-486-8333 brenda@intermtnfuse.com
Carmen Smith Accounting / Office Manager 801-486-8333    carmen@intermtnfuse.com
Carson Davis Warehouse Assistant 801-486-8333 carson@intermtnfuse.com
Cary Davis President / Principal 801-486-8333 cary@intermtnfuse.com
Gayln Morrell Outside Sales 801-486-8333 gayln@intermtnfuse.com
J.D. Stueben Inside Sales 801-486-8333 jd@intermtnfuse.com
John Roberts Company Founder 801-486-8333 john@intermtnfuse.com
Jordan Davis Shipping and Receiving 801-486-8333 jordan@intermtnfuse.com
Justin Thomson Inside Sales 801-486-8333 justin@intermtnfuse.com
Lindsay Schwab Warehouse / Accounting Assistant        801-486-8333 lindsay@intermtnfuse.com
Mark Thomson Purchasing / Warehouse Manager 801-486-8333 mark@intermtnfuse.com
Ryan Peterson Sales Manager 801-486-8333 ryan@intermtnfuse.com
Tim Bailey Drive and Technical Expert 801-486-8333 tim@intermtnfuse.com