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European Electric Fuses

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We are the answer to your European Fuse search. In our fuse warehouse we have a large selection of European Fuses from fuse makers Bussmann, Edison, Ferraz Shawmut, Littelfuse, Legrand and many more.


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Below is a list of some of the more popular European fuse part numbers:

Bussmann European Fuses - Edison European Fuses - Ferraz Shawmut European Fuses - Littelfuse European Fuses - Legrand European Fuses

170M1470, 170M3414, 170M3418, 170M3614, 170M3667, 170M3722, 170M4467, 170M4567, 170M5140, 170M5145, 170M5404, 170M5565, 170M6144, 170M6170, 170M6206, 170M6566, 170M6567, 170M6648, 170M7031,

A050FC200AI, A050FC350G, A050FC600HI, A050FD550GB, A050FE900HI, A060URN1000H, A070FA250DA, A080431, CC1500CPGRD20.127/25, A080FB450FS2238, A100URL900FL, A166C400TS, A300449, A070URD33TTI0700, B300059, 6,9URD30TTF0400, D089496, CC1051CPGRB20X127/20, E082804, D150GRD006V, E300453, A070URD33TTI1250, F081655, CC1500CPGRD20.127/10, F089498, CC1051CPGRB20.127/32, F300454, A070URD33TTI1400, J301745, A110ARB72KSI0500, K300205, A070URD32LI0450, K301056, A110URD73TTI1000, M300069, 6,6URD32TTF0630, M300690, A100URD73LI1000, MCR3E15N, N301082, A060URD32TTI1250, P300071, 6,9URD32TTF0800, Q300463, A070URD32TTI0400, Q301015, A130URD70TTI0063, Q301751, A100ARB73LI0800, S10073CF00, A050FD800HI, S101614CF00, A070URD32TTI0900C, S101821CF00, 6,9URD32D11A0400C, S300074, 6,9URD32TTF1000, S300465, A070URD32TTI0630,

SPJ6B450, SPJ6B500, SPJ6K350, SPJ7B350, SPJ7M1000, SPP4F175, SPP5K300, SPP6F350, SPP6F400, SPP6K550, SPP6K700, SPP7H900, SPP7K700,

T300581, A070URD33TTI0400, T97859, 6BODKC3URGG30TSP200D80, V300467, A070URD32TTI0800, W300836, 10URB273PLAF2300, W301043, A130URD72TTI0630, W301112, 6,6URD33TTDSF1250, W310013, MS3V1-5BS, Z301552, A070URD73TTI0600