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Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut) Fuses

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Ferraz Shawmut's name is recognized throughout the world for its lineup of fuses, fusegear and fuse systems.  With its fuses and other electrical solutions, Ferraz Shawmut is a proven leader in a wide range of markets - Energy Distribution, Solar Power, Wind Power, Railway Transportation, Power Electronics and Process Industries.

In recent years, Ferraz Shawmut's name was changed to Mersen.  This continues the evolution of the brand since it's inception in 1885.  The company has also been a world leader under the names Shawmut, Gould Shawmut, Carbone Lorraine, Ferraz Shawmut and now Mersen.  What hasn't changed is the company's prominence in the fuse industry.

Here are a few of Mersen / Ferrraz Shawmut's unique product solutions:

Amp-Trap 2000® Current limiting fuses         SmartSpot® fuse indicator             UltraSafe™ Fuseholders         FSPDB Power Distribution Block

We stock a huge selection of Mersen / Ferraz Shawmut electrical fuse products including semiconductor, European fuses, medium voltage fuses, high voltage fuses, and electronic fuses.  Enter your part number into our Fuse Store Quote Request, or call one our Mersen Fuse Experts 1-800-246-8336.


Mersen Cross Reference

     Mersen / Ferraz Shawmut Cross Reference Sheet


Mersen Fuse Types

     Electrical Fuses - Semiconductor - European Fuses - Medium Voltage - High Voltage - Electronic



Common Mersen/ Ferraz Shawmut Fuse Part Numbers

Ferraz Shawmut Electrical Fuses


Ferraz Shawmut Semiconductors


Ferraz Shawmut European Fuses


A050FC200AI, A050FC350G, A050FC600HI, A050FD550GB, A050FE900HI, A060URN1000H, A070FA250DA, A080431, CC1500CPGRD20.127/25, A080FB450FS2238, A100URL900FL, A166C400TS, A300449, A070URD33TTI0700, B300059, 6,9URD30TTF0400, D089496, CC1051CPGRB20X127/20, E082804, D150GRD006V, E300453, A070URD33TTI1250, F081655, CC1500CPGRD20.127/10, F089498, CC1051CPGRB20.127/32, F300454, A070URD33TTI1400, J301745, A110ARB72KSI0500, K300205, A070URD32LI0450, K301056, A110URD73TTI1000, M300069, 6,6URD32TTF0630, M300690, A100URD73LI1000, MCR3E15N, N301082, A060URD32TTI1250, P300071, 6,9URD32TTF0800, Q300463, A070URD32TTI0400, Q301015, A130URD70TTI0063, Q301751, A100ARB73LI0800, S10073CF00, A050FD800HI, S101614CF00, A070URD32TTI0900C, S101821CF00, 6,9URD32D11A0400C, S300074, 6,9URD32TTF1000, S300465, A070URD32TTI0630, T300581, A070URD33TTI0400, T97859, 6BODKC3URGG30TSP200D80, V300467, A070URD32TTI0800, W300836, 10URB273PLAF2300, W301043, A130URD72TTI0630, W301112, 6,6URD33TTDSF1250, W310013, MS3V1-5BS, Z301552, A070URD73TTI0600


Ferraz Shawmut Medium Voltage Fuses


Ferraz Shawmut High Voltage Fuses


Ferraz Shawmut Electronic Fuses