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Our Services

Drive Startup 

We make the commissioning of your new drive easy.   Our drive professionals have been factory trained in the entire line of ABB Industrial Drives.  To receive the full benefit of your new drive, it needs to be setup properly.  Although ABB drives are designed to be user-friendly, the numerous parameters and settings can be initimidating.  Our professionals not only know drives well -- they have experience with a wide range of complex applications.  

ABB certified pros will ensure that your drive is commissioned according to local safety regulations and adjust its parameters for the optimum reliability and performance. Properly commissioned drives run better, are more reliable, use less energy and have a longer life.

The ABB drive certified startup not only saves you from potential headaches, it extends your ABB warranty for a 2nd year

Give us a call today to schedule your drive startup 1-800-246-8336.


Repairs and Maintenance

Even the best electrical equipment requires regular maintenance, and occasionally, repairs.  For ABB drives, we are certified as a Drive Service Partner - DSP.  This is ABB's highest level of repair certification. It means our professionals are trained to troubleshoot and repair any ABB drive problem.  Because our customers needs vary, we offer several types of repair service:

     ABB Factory Repairs - we manage the process of scheduling, shipping and returning your ABB drive;        the factory returns your drive completely refurbished and certifed.  Factory repairs are available for            drives in or out of warranty.

     ABB Field Repairs - for large ABB drives that are impractical to ship, we offer field service for drives, in      or out of warranty

     In-House Repairs - for medium and smaller sized drives, its often fastest to have our DSP troubleshoot        and replace components at our in-house facility.  Simply drop off your drive for a quote.

     Other Brands and Equipment - with our trained pros, we can handle any repair service on any brand.        This includes motors, softstarters, transformers, carbon brushes, etc.

In addition to our repair services, we also offer maintenance contracts.  Investing in a maintenance contract helps you extend the life of your drive and other cricital electrical equipment.   Our professionals will perform all the regularly scheduled maintenance to keep you up and running for the long haul.


Technical Support

Like the idea of adding a drive to your system, but don't understand how they operate? Need to replace a fuse, but don't know how to select the right size or speed?   Want to replace a motor but are intimidated by the huge number of choices?

Give us a call or stop by.  Our professionals are friendly and knowledgeable.  They will help cut through the technical jargon and complex issues.  You'll receive the right assistance to make the best buying decision.


Our Commitment to You

We guide you through the entire process...  we teach you the critical technical issues, help you identify the right part, guide you through installation and commissioning, and support you throughout the life of the product.