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As a world leader in electric motor sales, WEG has taken its technological expertise and applied it to their variable frequency drive products.  We are an authorized distributor of WEG HVAC-R drives.  Their leading HVAC product is the CFW701 drive.  These drives are developing a strong presence in the HVAC market as a reliable replacement for most OEM drives.  WEG HVAC drives will match most original drives in form, fit and function.

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Weg CFW701 Drive

                                            Weg CFW701 Benefits  

  • Fire Mode - This function makes the drive inhibit its internal faults, making the motor run during adverse conditions without stopping the process.
  • Sleep / Wake-Up Mode - Prevents the operation of the motor at low speeds for a amount of time programmed. Wake up mode determines the itime thedrive is restarted.
  • Broken Belt - Monitors motor torque and prevents the drive from running with no load in case of a broken belt.
  • Energy Saving - Depending on the motor speed and load conditions, flux is reduced decreasing losses and therefore effciency is improved.
  • Filter Maintenance Alarm - Warns about the need to replace the filter.
  • Bypass - Using one of its relay outputs the CFW701 allows the motor to be started cross the line. External circuit is needed for this operation.
  • Dry Pump - Prevents the pump from running with no load.
  • PTC - For monitoring PTC sensor
  • Short cycle Protection - Prevents a compressor / motor from being switched on and off in short periods of time.
  • Advanced PID -3 x PID - Three PID control loops: one controls the process by itself (the one the motor is running) and two are additional PID loops for use to control independent process variable.


                                                                                Informational Literature Downloads (PDFs):

                                                                                  WEG CFW701 HVAC Drive Flyer

                                                                                  WEG CFW701 HVAC Drive Full Brochure and Datasheet